Technological Albania at the 100th Independence


                Conference to be held on November 16th, 2012

                                                                      hosted by     

                         Canadian Institute of Technology - CIT





The Canadian Intitute of Technology (CIT) in Tirana, Albania, organizes the international conference called “Technological Albania at the 100th Indipendence Anniversary”.  The Conference aims to bring together to the same discussion environment academicians and field experts from the industry to discuss topics realted to the Information Technology and its social, political and technical impact in Albania. Additionally, the conference is expected to cover issues exploring the current development and future progress of the industry as well as expectations this sector has from higher education system and curricula. 


  •  For a better use of open source software in government
  •  Data protection (cryptography, watermarking,steganography),
  • RFIDtechnique, software, applications, limitations,trends and its social aspects,
  • The impact of ITin social studies,
  •  How well are we preparing students for digital Albania?
  •  TheAlbanian context in digital Europe,
  • Social networks:the pro and the cons,
  • Link between ITindustry and job market,
  • Higher Education versus E-Government projects,
  •  Use of ITsolutions to business activity in Albania


Conference Organizing Committee

PhD, Habib HAMAM, Prof. and Canada Research Chair, Universite de Moncton, Canada

Prof. Petraq PAPAJORGJI, Dean of Engineering, CIT

Dr. Sherefedin SHEHU,Albanian Parliament, 

Endri MATAJ,Adviser to the Prime Minister 


Artan GJERGJI, PhD candidate, CIT

Nermin AGA

Abstract Submittin

Deadline for submitting the abstract is October22th, 2012

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Deadline for Submitting the Paper

Deadline for submitting the paper is November13th, 2012, at 16.00


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